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In addition to the Advisory Committee, there will be 4 subcommittees.

Training – The sub-committee will review and provide feedback on project training plans for supervisors, staff, resource parents, kinship caregivers and parents related to shared parenting and kinship caregiver support. The committee will identify current training opportunities that can be enhanced to address identified needs and competencies and when appropriate provide training sessions.

Engagement and Assessment – The sub-committee will review and help refine the touchpoints or opportunities the project has to develop supportive trusting relationships with caregivers and parents. They will review the self-assessment process and the results/impact of this tool, explore the root causes of barriers and propose solutions, review training outlines, proposed policies and procedures and provide feedback on project implementation related to supporting kinship caregivers and shared parenting.

Service Coordination and Integration Committee – The purpose of the sub-committee is to streamline, coordinate and recommend enhancements to existing formal supports and services for kinship caregivers and that support shared parenting. The committee will focus on interagency/services planning and monitoring and recommend how to reorganize pathways to services and supports. The committee will recommend ways to effectively address caregiver needs through a process that creates a unique response to the needs while eliminating barriers, duplication and ineffective responses.

Community Engagement and Resources – The purpose of the Community is to identify, help engage and deep informal community partnerships that will provide materials and support to resource parents, kinship caregivers and parents. The Committee will also assist in the development of the WeShare portal at will help coordinate these supports, materials and services.