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The Advisory Committee will be made up of local service providers, community organizations and most importantly, those families and youth with lived experience, to inform a system built on a foundation of shared parenting principles. The Advisory Committee will provide feedback and guidance as we develop:

  1. an online support gateway that connects those in need (caregivers and parent) to supports that are offered in the community;
  2. an assessment process that is based on the supposition that to make a systemic change, those involved in the system must understand, be prepared and contribute to their portion of the change. The assessment process will unify and interlace the change efforts of the organization, supervisors, staff, resource and kinship caregiver and parents so that together they can help change the culture, philosophy and the outcomes of families in need
  3. HUB families that will support caregivers and parents in their community by providing assisted referrals and warm handoffs, helping with problem solving, and personally mentoring and advocating for kinship families to ensure needs are being met;
  4. development and implementation of normalcy and shared parenting tools and
  5. training and coaching of cross system service providers to support them in refining their policies and services to better support kinship caregivers and support shared parenting.


1. Kris Henneman